What Authors Are Saying

Susan M. Tarrant and Steve Adler
WoW What a Trip! (Author)
When we asked for your help last August to help us with our book WoW What a Trip! you came with high recommendations from people who know. Frankly, we didn’t know what to expect. We just knew there were important aspects of publishing a book where we were uninformed. I had been involved with the publication of three books and had some familiarity with the process and the challenges.

From the “get go” you began to give us very important advice. Even though we wanted a book we would be proud of you went over the top to help the book be much better than we imagined. There were many important decisions that you guided us through that saved us money, time and gave us the quality that makes an important difference. Your marketing plan went well beyond what we expected. It is a map to optimize the sale of the book. The specific research you provided is going to save us time and properly direct us to sales. We hope this will be the first of a series of books and we will be looking for your help on the next journey.
Katy McQuaid
Everybody Loves Grace (Author)
Mel Cohen provided expert guidance and counsel throughout the process of publishing my first children’s book series. Mel provided sage advice at every step in the process, from my first phone call asking him if “I really had a story” to the soon to be completed third book in the Everybody Loves Grace series. Mel educated me throughout the process and explained the technical considerations along with the marketing strategy for the series. As a result, I consistently made smart decisions that resulted in a beautiful illustrated book series that will ultimately enhance children’s lives through the stories they tell.
Chuck Clayton
Mastering Poker Math (Author)
I have been to one event where Mel Cohen was the speaker and have had a personal consultation with him. I was working on my own book (Mastering Poker Math) at the time of Mel’s presentation and when I had a consultation afterwards. Mel’s presentation was called AMAZON Friend or Foe! Mel’s presentation style is clear, crisp and professional. He addressed Amazon pricing, Amazon Marketplace, Author Central, Amazon Associates and more. He also discussed getting reviews and advertising. Overall it was very information rich. I also had one consultation with Mel and was able to gain some excellent insight into the publishing and promoting of my book.
Jonathan Dade
The Church and the Community (Author)
Mel brings the quality and experience of traditional publishers, at a fraction of the cost, and with an approach that enables YOU to choose what is best for YOUR book. Mel recommends editors who enhance your manuscript, he directs you to printers that increase your margins by bringing down the cost per book, and Mel writes a very detailed marketing plan to help you sell your book. If you want to be positively set apart from everyone else in your field and other authors on Amazon, consult with Mel on your next book. You can also ask him to help you with your previously written books… Mel is great at providing a lot value, in a small amount of time.
Art Ayris
CEO Kingstone Media
Mel knows. Mel knows publishing. Mel has been an invaluable resource to me as we have developed a multi-market publishing strategy. He has taught me more about maximizing Amazon than anyone. We have worked with Mel in the past, and plan to do so in the future.
Andrew Ryzhkov
President Byelorussian Missions, Atlanta GA
Mel helped us with a large translation and publishing project; the first of our Ministry. Mel guided us along the way, helped us to negotiate with the printer, and even made a trip to Belarus with us to oversee the printing details. He saved us a great amount of time and money, and made sure there were no loose ends. The logistics covered several countries. Mel also helped us set the retail and wholesale pricing models and recommended fulfillment options. I strongly recommend him for any assignment that involves publishing or printing.
Prescott Publishing
Thank you again for all of your invaluable help and advice with both mine and my husband’s books. Thank you for putting us in touch with industry professionals and negotiating the incredible rates. Bless you for your willingness to work with us in a way that fits our budget both in terms of time and money. Much Love, Prescott Publishing
James Easling
Co-Owner of Bulk Herb Store, LLC
When it comes to marketing in the book industry, I can think of no better person then Mel Cohen. From shopping for a printer, to marketing books, to major retailers, his services have proved invaluable every step of the way. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone that is serious about getting their product to market.
Shoshanna Easling
Writer, Author, and Creator of the Making Babies Series , Co-Owner of Bulk Herb Store, LLC
I am a creative person. I love putting all my time into writing books, working up recipes, making videos and such. It is like pulling teeth for me to stop my creative train of thought and to try and do what Mel Cohen does to perfection. I know his well-thought-out and dynamic strategies are complicated but he always makes it look effortless. He is invaluable and I do not know what I would do without him watching my back. If you are looking for someone that is organized and dedicated to getting your products out, Mel Cohen is your man.
Dr. Andrew K. Fox
Author | Blogger | Professor site: www.drandrewfox.com
My experience with Mel Cohen was informative, educational, and professional. His wealth of experience in the publishing field concisely navigates the author through a maze of decisions and choices with information that best fits the type of book being published. Mel keeps up to date with current practices, so the process is educational and relevant. His response time in communication is exceptionally professional.
Susan S. McGuire
Grammy Get Your Glasses! ( Author )
As a first time author, it was a distinct pleasure to have the experience and expertise of a publishing consultant. It was a seamless publication process as Mel provided and adhered to an itemized list of costs, timelines, even securing a compatible illustrator at very reasonable pricing. Most important he was always so timely in answering every inquiry along the way. How gracious of him to launch a first time author.
Dave Berger
Take Me Out To The Ballgame: Comical and Freakish Injuries We Cannot Make Up ( Author )
Mel was a tremendous help in the adventure of my first book; his timely responses were much appreciated and was always available to answer any questions that I might have, no matter how minor. His valuable experience as a consultant proved to be well worth it. I highly recommend Mel and his expertise for your next book.
Kirsten Erwin
General Manager RJS Medical Press LLC
Mel Cohen was tremendously helpful as a publishing consultant for RJS Medical Press' medical textbook, Neurological Examination. He helped set up the LLC to publish a second printing of this book and was always responsive to all questions and tasks (usually replies in hours or within the same day). He went the extra mile for service - providing both reliable and practical solutions to our needs. His network of associates (graphic artist and web developer for us) were also reliable and knowledgeable as well as responsive to our needs.

This foray into self-publishing was a real eye-opener to all of the invisible tasks that make for a successful launch and can seem quite daunting. Additionally, as laws change and technology evolves, last year's (or last month's) solutions might not be today's best choice. Mel was always on top of this! When I contacted him with a question, Mel was able to provide a quick overview of what needs to be done, explaining both how and why. He made sure that I had the information that I needed to understand my options as well as follow his recommendations. This guidance was invaluable - thanks so much Mel!
Rian Andrea
Sixteen Weeks: The Physique Athlete's Guide to a Perfect Prep ( Author )
Believe it or not, sitting down to think, write, submit work to my editor was the easy part. Mel was not only my publishing consultant but also my editor. As an emerging author you likely have no idea what it takes to get a book to market - not just having a finished product - but a finished product for the world to see. The work of getting a book to market starts after you've submitted the last chapter to your editor for the final OK after all of the rewrites.

Had I known about how much work remained, I actually may not be a published author right now. Navigating my blind spots was a challenge. You are hiring a publishing consultant (Mel) because he knows your blind spots and will help you navigate those. Mel’s spreadsheet of the 36 steps from beginning to end was invaluable. You are hiring someone that is an expert in the Industry.

I learned book publishing is an industry with its own rules of engagement. If you don't know those rules, you will likely be swallowed up. Hire your blind spots as you have many. What I most appreciated from Mel was the 36 page Marketing Plan. The Marketing Plan alone is a gold mine of opportunity.
Caroline Henrich
A Very Lappy Christmas: A Story of Love, Adventure, and Teamwork ( Author )
As a first time author, I really had no idea how to self-publish a book. A referral was made to contact Mel Cohen. Mel listened to my ideas and advised he thought I had a good original story. He answered all my questions and spent a significant amount of time with me, even before I signed the contract for his services. He worked with me to interview and select an illustrator. Once I was finished with a few chapters of the book, he edited them promptly and talked with me about his thoughts on the upcoming chapters.

This included conversations at night and on the weekends. I also needed to build a website and chose someone to do the layout. He used his connections and found me competent and cost effective professionals. As the book came together he developed a marketing plan and participated with me on call with the public relations firm I chose. Due to COVID, I was concerned I would not get the printing completed for the Christmas season. Mel worked tirelessly to find printers and negotiated an excellent price for me. I cannot say enough good things about him and look forward to working with him again on my second book.
William Teh
Paper Pencil Eraser ( Author )
There are many good publishing consultants, and there is Mel Cohen. Mel is passionate about helping authors get their books published. He helped me publish my 6th book, and it has been GREAT learning experience and joy working with him.

Mel has exceeded all my expectations and more with his guidance, coaching, and friendship. He knows marketing, understands Amazon, and has shown me how to effectively identify and reach my audience.

Mel knows how to edit. More importantly, he knows how to sift, sort, and improve my writing without changing my style or tone. He understands the value of time and money. He watches my costs and constantly thinks of ways to minimize my expenses. Mel held me to a tight timeline.

If you are thinking about writing your 1st book or even your 12th book, Mel can help you get it done.