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Publishing and Book Sales Success

Book Marketing & Sales Leader – exceeding $20 million in global book sales
Publisher and Publishing Consultant of Multiple Books
Publisher Distribution Innovation – topping $4 million in sales in 14 countries
Created and Launched Amazon Best-sellers for Publisher and Authors
Cost-reduction Expert – saves authors 25% to 50% on book publishing costs
Speaker evaluations on last two engagements: 4.8/5 and 5/5


Mel’s book marketing skills are a legendary facet of his hands-on experience. In 1990, Mel self-published his own book, The Secret of the Pros: How to Become a Baseball Card Dealer, during the height of the trading card boom. The book sold out its entire 25,000 print run.

This led to Mel gaining extensive experience writing published articles, major media appearances, and serving as an expert witness in trading card insurance fraud cases. Mel also served as an expert witness for the plaintiff in the largest class action lawsuit involving trading card companies. This led to substantial amounts of extra revenue all generated by his book.

“Mr. Amazon” the Book Marketing & Book Sales Leader

Since 2006, Mel has guided small publishers and self-published authors from all backgrounds to more than 2,000,000 books sold through his marketing distribution reach. Mel has contracted for printing in the U.S and other countries depending on the size and scope of the project.

You can become a self-published author of a book related to the industry you represent which will position you miles ahead of your competitors. A book will set you apart from everyone else in your field and give you the leading edge in your marketplace. Your book will become your new business card and firm brochure.

How to Become a Best-selling Author

Find out how Mel can turn your book into an Amazon Bestseller.

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Richard F. Lazo
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The languages only differ in grammar, their pronunciation and their most common words.
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To achieve this, it would be necessary to have uniform grammar, pronunciation and more common words.
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