VMC Vanadium Treble Hooks Size 1/0 (Pack of 25)

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Premium treble hook with high-quality Vanadium® steel. Size 1/0 Black Nickel.

Vmc Redline Treble Hook, FISHING WORLD

VMC 2023 by Rapala VMC Spain - Issuu

RSDS RedLine Series Drop Shot

The VMC SureSet drop shot hook is the award-winning choice that is perfect for nose hooking your favorite soft plastics or live bait for drop shotting. The technical locking curve designs guarantees a fast and easy penetration by directing all the energy toward the point while keeping the fish secure during the fight. Forged from extremely tough lightweight Vanadium Steel that offers up to 25% increased strength over the material used in regular hooks. Available in a Black Nickel finish.

VMC SureSet Drop Shot Hooks

2024 Canadian Catalog - VMC Brand by rapalacanada - Issuu

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VMC 8382BN-80 NEMESIS Saltwater Circle Hooks Size 8/0 Vanadium Steel Pack of 25 $22.99 - PicClick

VMC BLADED HYBRID Resin sealed swivel and blade for maximum rotation and flash. The new VMC 7548 Bladed Hybrid treble hook, features a premium quality small Willow blade. The Blade is connected to the base of the treble by a swivel ensuring a smooth 360 degree rotation. The treble hooks used is part of the Premium VMC “75 series”. Allows anglers to unleash the full potential of their favorite lures simply by adding a hook.

VMC Bladed Hybrid Short Treble Hook - 2/PK

Made X strong with the CutPoint and Hi-Carbon for an ultra strong - smooth and deep hookset The higher carbon content in these hooks make the steel stronger than standard hooks VMC hooks are the payoff of 200 years of experienced craftsmen dedicating their lives to perfection - so VMC is the world's finest fish hooks High carbon steel; Cut point This VMC traditional O'Shaughnessy treble is forged from the finest high-carbon steel.

VMC 9625 O'Shaughnessy Treble Hooks 25 / 4 / Steel

VMC 8382BN-20 Nemesis Saltwater Circle Hooks Size 2/0 Vanadium Steel Pack of 25 for sale online