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Found Missing

Found Missing

A Story of Domestic Violence,
Murder, and Eternity

Linda Slavin

He was cruel. She was afraid. And then he was… Found Missing.

Found Missing is the true story of Linda Slavin, a dedicated wife and mother who just wanted a normal life. When Linda’s abusive husband disappeared, she was left with nothing. No money. No support. No love. Could determination and faith overcome the lies and darkness surrounding his last moments? Only time would tell…

In Found Missing: A True Story of Domestic Violence, Murder and Eternity, Linda relives her journey. She shares a young girl’s path in her first year away from home, an honor student on scholarship, caught up in a relationship through stalking practices.

Her book is a true-to-life murder mystery with heart-rending and touching experiences that shares the empowerment of human response in the midst of divine intervention. It’s an experience that is beyond intuition and beyond a subconscious thought. It’s a new dimension of reality.

About the Author

Linda Slavin is a sought-after speaker in Business and Leadership meetings. Found Missing is her first novel. In her authentic and transparent style, Linda shares with personal experience the effects of domestic violence, tragedy and spirituality.

In her writings she is able to convey and give her readers a glimpse into the harsh realities of domestic violence, an epidemic that is on the rise across the country and around the world.

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