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Destination Jerusalem

Destination Jerusalem

ISIS, “Convert or Die,” Christian Persecution and Preparing for the Days Ahead

Chris Mitchell

A Christian refugee sobs, “Jesus, forgive them!” after fleeing the deadly rampage of Islamic State fighters. A Yazidi mother tells of the horrific fate her late son suffered at the hands of these marauding Muslim terrorists. An Israeli woman recounts how Hamas jihadists rose like zombies from the beach near her house to launch a terror attack on her kibbutz. Sirens wail over the skies of Jerusalem. Beheadings make global news, shake the leaders of Western powers, and shape public policy and military strategy. Against this precarious backdrop, Iran’s mullahs quietly prepare their deadly nuclear cocktail. Sounds like a plot from a spy novel, but it’s all too real!

ISIS stunned the world with its Islamic blitzkrieg that swept through Syria and northern Iraq and declared an Islamic caliphate for the first time in nearly one hundred years.  Once again, Christians bore the brunt of this menace. These militants forced tens of thousands of Christians to flee their ancient homes and gave them four grisly choices:  pay the Islamic tax for infidels, leave, convert, or die by the sword. Hamas also sparked a fifty-day war demonstrating that their agenda remains the same: “End of the Jewish State.” Israel found herself once more in the vanguard against radical Islam. Her future is wedded to our own since jihadists see Israel as the “little Satan” and the U.S. as the “big Satan.”

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell landed on the front lines of these conflicts. In Destination Jerusalem, he brings you firsthand accounts of the men, women, and children caught in these fiery trials. Their story lines resound with the grand themes of our age: the rise of radical Islam, the ongoing persecution—some say ethnic cleansing—of Christians in the Middle East, and the centrality of Jerusalem in world history.

Even though these events take place in the Middle East, their impact reverberates to the shores of America. From the price of gas at your neighborhood pump, the value of your retirement account, or a loved one who might be sent into harm’s way, they all hit us in our pocketbook, heart, or home. In this defining time, how should we prepare?  Destination Jerusalem provides a blueprint of how to get ready for what might well be some of the most challenging days any of us will ever see.

About the Author

Chris Mitchell serves as the Middle East Bureau Chief for CBN News in Jerusalem.  Since 2000, Mitchell has reported from the front lines of Israel’s history and witnessed the major events of the Middle East. From the Arab Spring and the recent blitzkrieg by ISIS, he brings a Biblical perspective to the powerful developments shaping the region and our world. In his new book, Destination Jerusalem, this seasoned journalist brings firsthand reports from the field and insights gleaned from years of experience to help you prepare for the days ahead.

Book Details

Author: Chris Mitchell
Publisher: C & L Publishing
Language: English
ISBN Print: 978-0-9862233-0-3
ISBN eBook: 978-0-9862233-1-0
ISBN ePUB: 978-0-9862233-2-7
Format: Softback 192 Pages
Size: 5½ x 8½ inches
Retail: $12.99
Release Date: December 15, 2014
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