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An American Crisis: Veterans' Unemployment

An American Crisis™

Veterans’ Unemployment

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Mark Baird

It is time for a comprehensive and permanent solution for US veteran unemployment to be put into place now. Today there are about 750,000 unemployed Veterans. This book is about how businesses and citizens can help considerably reduce that number.

An American Crisis™: Veterans’ Unemployment is a collaborative effort by some of the leading visionaries and participants to solve this problem. An Army general, an Army colonel, the president of VetJobs, a chaplain, a Congressional Medal of Merit recipient, a sergeant major, a wounded warrior, a military spouse, a Fortune 500 VP, and more contribute insightful and poignant chapters with the purpose of getting veterans back to work expediently, or to assist them in becoming successful entrepreneurs. There are twenty-four contributing writers.

Contributing Authors from every branch of our military have provided material for this book. These are US veterans who have successfully re-integrated back into civilian life from the “other world” of the US military. They share their personal experiences and trials in finding employment, creating income and establishing a secure foundation for themselves and their families. These contributing authors have chosen to continue serving by helping others leaving the military avoid the hardships and struggles they and many others have gone through. They are walking Point for their military brothers and sisters.

Our united purpose is to provide solutions for US veterans in need of immediate employment and prepare a secure passage to success for future veterans. Each of our contributing authors is convinced that it is our national responsibility to provide this successful pathway back into the civilian world for those that serve in our military.

This unique book offers valuable advice for US veterans and any other job seeker or future entrepreneur. There are chapters addressing employers and how to start a veteran hiring initiative. It also gives non-military citizens unique insights into the exceptional people America’s veterans really are. Their stories will bring you to tears, amaze you and inspire you. It may become your favorite book ever! An American Crisis will be an enjoyable and engrossing read for employers, civilians and veterans alike. These are true stories. Each chapter concludes with the valuable lessons the contributing authors learned navigating their own career paths. If you are job seeker, recruiter, employer, franchiser, educator, parent, or a patriotic citizen that wants to pitch in and help, this book is for you and your friends. If you know an unemployed Veteran, buy them this book!

Book Details

Author: Mark Baird
Publisher: Inspired Authors Press LLC
Language: English
ISBN Print: 978-0-9840462-3-2
ISBN eBook: 978-0-9840462-4-9
ISBN ePUB: 978-0-9840462-5-6
Format: Softback 296 Pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Retail: $19.99
Distribution: BookMasters (
Inspired Authors Press (
Release Date: May 7, 2013
Contact: Mel Cohen (

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Contributing Writers

Karin Abarbanel
Mark Baird
Tori Baird, Patriotic Hearts
Doug Beabout CPC, CSP
Mel Cohen, CFP, RFC, RTRP
Ted Daywalt
Crystal Dyer
Adam Edwards III, NFL Alumni, CFE
John Eynouf, Ready Up Gaming
Josh Galle
Seldon Graham, Seldon B. Graham, Jr.
General Donald Jones
William A. “Tony” Lavelle, Gallantry Press
Patrick Mellody
Jeff Morris
Cesar Nader, MBA
Kevin O’Brien
LT Col (R) John W. Phillips
David Renza, M.A.
J. Todd Rhoad, MBA
Kristina Saul (Military Spouse-RET)
Mona Singleton, PMP, CCBC
Gregory A. Spencer, SpendSmart
Carl Vickers, PeopleScout

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