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A Time to Be Born

A Time to Be Born

Meditations on the Birth of a Child

John B. Phillips

These meditations on childbirth come from the heart and mind of a new grandfather.  When he was told he was going to be a first-time grandfather of two babies who would be born five months apart, he will tell you he could think of nothing else.  What would be his gift to his children, their spouses, and his grandchildren?  He decided to write a book for them.  As he often does when presented with a new challenge, he prayed and turned to Holy Scripture, which serves as the basis for the book’s meditations.  Looking at verses, passages, and stories in the Bible that told of birth, he became inspired to write, not a doctrinal treatise on childbirth, but a grandfather’s expression of love and grace as applied to the miracle of birth.  These meditations are also reflections on God’s creation of the world; the Psalms; Mary’s and Zechariah’s songs; the births of Samuel, Moses, Jesus, Jeremiah, and Samson.  There is also a special meditation written for the child in the womb.  The meditations are paired with accompanying art to present childbirth as an journey ordained by God, filled with the adventures of pain and joy that connect parent and child with God.  This book should be read by grandparents as encouragers and supporters, parents actively participating in the childbirth journey, and all who love them.  Readers will see a sometimes humorous and always deeply spiritual reflection on embracing “a time to be born” as a God-centered passage of life.

About the Author

John B. Phillips has practiced law for over forty years. He has been a prolific writer on subjects of employment law and human resources practices.  A speaker at many legal and human resources seminars and conferences, Phillips has developed several nationally recognized training videos.  He served as Managing Partner of the private law firm in which he practiced, VP and Deputy General Counsel for a Fortune 500 company, and SVP and General Counsel for a national restaurant company. This is his first non-legal book.  He has been a frequent Sunday School teacher, an occasional preacher, a church elder, and an active church leader. Phillips also writes a blog which can be accessed on his website,  John B. Phillips has three grown children and lives with his wife of forty-six years in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Book Details

Author: John B. Phillips
Publisher: Crimson Clover Press
Language: English
ISBN Print: 978-0-9966226-3-9
ISBN eBook: 978-0-9966226-1-5
ISBN ePDF: 978-0-9966226-2-2
Format: Softback 112 Pages
Size: 6 X 9
Retail: $14.99
Distribution: Bookmasters Inc.
Release Date: October 6, 2015
Contact: John B. Phillips
For licensing or bulk sales: John B. Phillips (
Amazon Listing: 9780996622639