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Promote Your Business and Products for Free
Inspired Authors Press is building a network of online retailers and business partners to help promote the books of self-published authors.

During Amazon eBlasts, our partners’ products and services enjoy exponential exposure to a new audience of thousands of potential customers and clients.

And it’s absolutely free!

Why Partners Get eBlasted for Free
Partners who participate in Amazon eBlasts for our authors drive book sales and help turn those books into Amazon Bestsellers.

Because our authors couldn’t achieve this coveted status without your help, we broadcast our partners’ websites for free.

What’s Required to Become a Partner
We have a set of very specific instructions that enable you to participate in our Amazon eBlasts. The entire process takes just a few hours — well worth the free distribution your product or service will receive.

You have nothing to lose — contact Mel to join the next eBlast and see your sales revenue grow for hardly any extra effort.